Our Passion

We are creating a new wine culture and resuming the history of Austria’s most southerly wine region – a history that was last written at the time of Maria Theresia.

South Carinthia was once regarded as a bastion of quality wine production – and today, impressive wines are establishing themselves in the Rosengartl and Lilienberg vineyards. Organic vineyard cultivation and the geological and microclimatic features of the region provide the perfect prerequisites for splendid varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Gelber Muskateller and Pinot to shine in a highly esteemed style of winemaking. The foundation stone of the wine estate has been in place for several years on the slopes of Labitschberg in Gamlitz, South Styria, where international award-winning white wines grow before being pressed in the estate’s own wine cellar in Carinthia. 


Thoughtful craftsmanship, including organic vineyard cultivation, is in keeping with brilliant white wines from South Carinthia and South Styria. The incomparable terroir and Mirjam Orasch’s passion for perfection are complemented at an exclusive level with the architecture of the Domäne Lilienberg estate, which is harmoniously integrated into the landscape.
With consistent organic awareness, I create valuable synergies between plants, animals and humans from the very first step. My passion as a winemaker is realized in the exact moment in which the first, delicious drops touch my palate and everything becomes one big whole.