The Wines

Nestled in an unusual microclimate between the River Drau and the gentle hills of Carinthia’s Jaun Valley, a total of 15 hectares of characterful vines are cultivated organically and mainly by hand. Under the same climatic conditions and on a conical hill, 5 hectares of the best white wine vines flourish in Gamlitz, South Styria.
The maiden harvest of the Carinthian vines will take place in 2018!

The first recorded mention of this grape variety was in 14th century France – today it is recognized across the world as a highly drinkable food accompaniment. Harvested early, typically intensive green aromas of bell pepper and gooseberry make easy and fun drinking. In the reserve range, which is usually created with years of barrel maturation, you will find melting, fruity, prestigious Sauvignons with perfectly integrated acidity.

PERFECT WITH: breaded fried chicken on lamb’s lettuce, roasted green and yellow vegetables, shellfish, pecorino and fresh parmesan.


One of Europe’s oldest grape varieties, which, dependent on the region of production, becomes a palate-flattering favourite of ladies – and gentlemen – with its fulsome, fruity aromas. Elderflower, nutmeg and exotic yellow fruit notes, as well as a very pleasant sugar-acidity structure, are reflected on the palate. Dry and mainly matured in steel tanks, less frequently in wood.

PERFECT WITH: as a refreshing aperitif, various soft and matured hard cheeses, Asian cuisine, warm apricot pancakes.


One of the most popular and well known white wines, this variety is found among the high-end wines of the world’s best cellars. A charming, softly melting texture, mainly brought about by a generous period of maturation in new barriques and/or large barrels, has wine lovers’ hearts pounding. A fine nuttiness paired with ripe fruit notes and occasionally smoky or vanilla-y nuances create a glass of opulent joy.

PERFECT WITH: bread and dripping with greaves, Mediterranean fish and seafood dishes, black truffles and pasta with truffle oil.


The Pinot that you’ve been looking for. At first glance, its many names seem confusing: this variety is known internationally as Pinot Blanc, the Germans call it ‘Klevner’ and in Austria we say ‘Weißer Burgunder’. With its refreshing lightness, it is often enjoyed as a ‘terrace wine’ on mild summer evenings. Its aroma palette includes a bouquet of almond and hazelnut, a touch of fresh white bread in mature wines and fine fruity notes of vineyard peach and Williams pear in the finish.

PERFECT WITH: boiled beef, white asparagus with hollandaise sauce, beef bouillon with sliced pancakes, steamed freshwater fish with root vegetables.


A textbook wine: if the grapes are allowed to stay on the vines until late summer, the result is incredibly complex wines whose origins can be smelled and tasted even by unpractised senses. A harmoniously integrated acidity supports the fruity clothing of the Pinot Gris. Pineapple, peach compote and a touch of honey are attractively emphasized by maturation in small barrels, despite its dry style.

PERFECT WITH: veal schnitzel with cranberries, crown of lamb with rosemary, Italian cuisine with antipasti and pesto.


The Austrian wine next to Grüner Veltliner, at least as far as its worldwide exclusivity is concerned. The sparser the soil, the more refined its complexity and the trimmer its body. Far removed from a sugar bomb, this popular variety impresses above all in cooler and less dry wine regions with its high-quality acidity structure, which works in the long-term as a valuable flavour-carrier in the wine and ensures years of drinking pleasure. Tastes of an exotic elegance, stone fruits and endless youth.

PERFECT WITH: groups of friends, fish and meat with a special something, summer salads and vegetable cream soups, spicy snacks.


Man könnte meinen ein echter Diamant, steckt in diesem kostbaren Schmuckstück aus den Trauben des Weißen Burgunders Reserve aus den Reben der Domäne Lilienberg in Kärnten. Für ganze zwei Jahre kristallisierte sich der nach dem glanzvollen Edelstein benannte Topazz, im 500 Liter Eichenfass, zu einem strahlenden Juwel. Der Topazz ist ein besonderer Tropfen – geheimnisvoll & extravagant – wie sein Name. 

PERFEKT ZU: Einem Moment im Leben, den man in seiner Besonderheit bewusst einfassen lassen möchte und für immer als ewige Erinnerung daran mit sich trägt. Ob spontane Gelegenheit oder lang geplanter Entschluss – einfach inspirieren lassen.


The highest quality grapes from the Pinot Blanc vineyard, perfectly physiologically ripe, make the base wine for what is quite possibly the most noble form of wine production: sparkling wine. Using the traditional or Champagne method, bottle fermentation produces finely sparkling wines. Domäne Lilienberg’s Sekt spends 20 months on the yeast before becoming a sparkling showpiece for every occasion – and for everyday. And by the way: Sekt best shows off its manifoldness for the senses in a burgundy or Chardonnay glass.

PERFECT WITH: as an aperitif, selected dishes, to relax and enjoy, happy or special occasions  . . . pretty much anywhere and anytime.


A fine, fruity alternative made from sweet raspberry nectar with a refreshingly accented perlage. The carefully handpicked berries from the rose family promise well-cooled, sparkling drinking pleasure.

This sprightly Frizzante is tempting as a light and animating aperitif or shines on social occasions as a delicate food accompaniment.

PERFECT WITH: room temperature Camembert with fresh baguette, wild boar pâté, beef carpaccio or freshwater fish such as salmon trout and char.


Unser Zweigelt-Rosé 2019 glänzt in seinen zarten rosa Pastelltönen, als perfekter Begleiter für feierliche Anlässe, bereitet ein wahres Trinkvergnügen, mit dem Verlangen nach mehr. Eine fruchtig-frische Note, ein Hauch von Vanille mit einem Touch reifer Weichsel, ergeben eine wahre Geschmacksexplosion am Gaumen. Mit seiner jugendlich-unbeschwerten Art, verführt Poppy Rose zum leichten Genuss als Apero oder auch als Begleiter für gesellige Runden an lauen Sommerabenden.

Apple juice
Flavorful, mild

We only use freshly harvested, crisp Austria apples for our apple juice. Directly after harvest the sun-ripened fruits are pressed – this gives the juice its mild flavor. We don’t add sugar, the sweetness comes only from the natural sugar of the apples. The juice is a delightful refreshment either diluted or pure.

Apricot nectar
Aromatic, sweet

Our sun-ripened apricots with their strong orange-yellow skin award our nectar its special color and its unique aroma. The natural fruit acid combined with the sweetness of the apricot give our nectar the incomparable heavenly flavor. A taste sensation of highest quality – you must try it!

Grape Juice red
Hand-picked, refreshing

Our red grape juice is from hand-picked grapes as well and bottled after being carefully pressed. Only healthy grapes find their way into the bottle. Convince yourself of the fruity taste of the grapes. The vitamin kick of our grape juice can start you day as well as serve as a tasteful refreshment in between work – it always tastes good!

Grape Juice white
Fruity, delicate

The golden natural product is characterized by its fruity, delicate aroma and its intensive nutmeg colors. The grapes are hand-picked and are made durable by being heated carefully. The grape juice is always a highlight – either for breakfast or as diluted refreshment in between work. A true vitamin kick.

Sour Cherry Juice
Aromatic, delicious

This juice is a flavorful delight! Our sour cherry juice is a fruity, base surplus juice, which is yielded from sun-ripened, aromatic cherries. Pure or diluted – just enjoyable!